Embed Tweet Update



Did you notice embed tweet update ?

Following and Retweet Buttons disappeared.

Is-it possible to go back ?


Noticing the same thing here, retweet buttons disappeared on all of our embedded tweets. I have seen a previous post from October/November 2017 stating that this was a “test” on twitters end, but it looks like they may have made it permanent? Can someone from Twitter confirm? If so, what is the best workaround to have people retweet something when they are not on Twitter?


@bonnell are you able to comment on this?


Hi there!

Late last year we began experimenting with new ways of providing social context around embedded Tweets. Based on positive feedback we have rolled this change out globally. Embedded Tweets now display a more complete conversation count that includes a combination of replies and retweets.

People can interact with the Tweet on Twitter.com or in the Twitter mobile apps by clicking through the embedded display.




Thanks for the explanations

Positive isn’t my feedback, I miss retweet button :frowning:


No positive feedback here on this change. Myself and my other blog mates really miss the retweet button on embedded tweets.

I personally used this a lot to RT to my 5,000+ followers who then RT these “curated” tweets. Twitter has cut down the number of RT’s I do by at least 80%.

Having to open another window takes at least 20 seconds because of my security checking routines. It’s just a pain in to not be able to RT from a website. Consequently, I’m RT’ing less. And this is going to impact Twitter revenue as the number of tweets will decline since it’s so much harder to retweet for almost all users.

Please bring back the RT button in embedded tweets. It is not popular with users in the wild.


Thank you for your feedback, and of course we are sorry that you are disappointed at the decision to change the way our embeds are displayed. With so many users and such a wide variety of expectations and use cases, it can be challenging to keep everyone informed, and satisfied with our updates.

To reassure you, before we make any change of this magnitude, we conduct exhaustive experiments and data studies to confirm the impact. In this case we concluded that the update was positive for the broadest possible base of our users, and for people encountering Tweets in the wild. Naturally, you may have a different opinion based on your experience with the platform - I have been a Twitter user for 11 years myself, and changes are sometimes not what I might have expected from back then!

If you’d like to read more about our processes for testing changes and new features you can do so here -> https://blog.twitter.com/official/en_us/a/2013/experiments-twitter.html

There are no plans to revert this widgets update, so you should assume that the new format for embedded Tweets will remain the common way to encounter them via our web embeds for the foreseeable future, until such time as we may look at further enhancements. As @kltelles mentioned, it is perfectly possible to continue to interact with embedded Tweets, although with one additional click to the app or website.

Thank you for your passion for the platform!