Embed Tweet Not Working



hi, I’m having some problems with my site.
All the posts on neewsy.co contain a tweet embedded code, but from monday I’m not able to visualize them in the right way. If I use a Facebook embedded code it works well…so I think that the problem is not the HTML code. Here you can see how it used to looks like and how it looks now.
Thanks a lot,

Embedded tweets don't render


It appears that Tumblr is doing something to break your Tweet embed codes. If I run twttr.widgets.load() in the console I catch an exception about not being able to extract Tweet IDs for the Tweets. Those IDs should be extracted from links to twitter.com in the embed code, but instead, they’ve all been replaced by links to Tumblr’s redirect system, preventing our script from recognizing them as Tweets.

Checking an old Tumblr of my own I see the same problem and no setting to disable it.

We’ll try to investigate and find a solution.




Good news! Tumblr posted a fix for the broken URLs today so you should find that embedded Tweets are working again.

Thanks for your patience.