Embed tweet not working in our website i.e www.deccanchronicle.com


please check below url where embed tweet is not working

Please help me out here

Naga Latha


That page is not loading the Javascript in charge of displaying embeds. You need to add:


Thanks a lot for the response
I tried adding this before opening blockquote tag. Still it is not displaying.


I see this error in my page. ‘Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function platform.twitter.com/widgets.js:22’. What would be the reason??


Hi Naga Latha,

Sorry that you still having trouble. I do not see the any the error you are seeing. I see a tweet by Virat Kohli properly rendered on that page.

Could you provide more information such as browser, version? Here’s a FAQ that contains a few solutions to common problems.