Embed tweet code did not display properly in Joomla 1.5


I copied the code for embedding a tweet. It works in a static html and php page with all the functionality but when I paste the same code into a Joomla 1.56 article in code view I do not get the same styling, I get no border, no avitar, no follow, reply, retweet , favorite, I only see the block quote and byline with date.
Can you help me to get this to work?


Can you check the source code of the page that you’re generating? Look for the

in your page and see if it looks the same as it did when you typed it in. Most CMS systems apply sanitizers to the input you enter, and it may have altered the mark-up some how. Two things come to mind:
  1. It may have stripped the tag required to initialize the embed. If so, you need to add widgets.js to your main template, rather than the post body. That way, it will be available for Tweet Embeds on any page.
  2. Even if the script is present, the CMS sanitizer could have butchered the code to a point that our parser can’t understand the Tweet content. Take a look in View Source for your Joomla page, and if you can find the
    please paste it here as code, we can look to see if there’s a way we can improve our script to handle the Joomla CMS.



That works great. Thanks for the advice.


Tyvm for the help @BenWard! :wink: