Embed timeline widget issuing POST to r.twimg.com/jot. Why?


I noticed that this widget makes a POST request to r.twimg.com/jot. What is the reason of this?

Because of this, when a mobile (iPhone) user navigates back to the page that had the widget, he’s asked if he wants to “Submit again the form”.


We’ve done some work to prevent these alerts in desktop Safari, we will take a look at navigation based issues on iOS. Do you have a sample page?


I can tell you in private (email or smth).


Hi. It appears the Embedded Timelines widget issues numerous POST requests, as we see in a HTTP request dump. This makes the following alert open up in Safari/Windows when navigating back to the page hosting the widget: http://media.cercavino.com/safari_alert.png

Proof of concept:

  1. Go to http://blog.cercavino.com/ with Safari 5.1.7 on Windows 7.
  2. Click any link.
  3. Hit the “Back” button.


Hi, thanks for the report. I see the error on your site, and I’m currently working to reproduce it in isolation (initial attempts are not producing the error.) I’ll continue to investigate and we’ll try to have a fix as soon as we can.



I can reproduce this issue consistently in Safari on iOS 5.1, on any/every page that contains the Twitter Embedded Timeline. This happens both in the iOS Simulator as well as on a physical iPad I have for testing. It does not happen in iOS 6 and above in the iOS simulator, I have not yet tested iOS 6+ on a physical device.

To reproduce:

  1. Visit https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines in iOS Simulator with Hardware settings [Device=iPad,Version=5.1]

  2. Wait for the page to fully load, then click on the “What Links Here” tab

  3. Wait for the “What links here” page to load, then click the “back” button on the browser.

Expected Results: The previous page loads without interruption
Actual Results: The browser alerts 4 times, “Are you sure you want to submit this form again?”, with options to [Cancel] or [Submit].


Hi guys. This issue should now be solved in all versions of Safari 5. Sorry about the regression; it’s not entirely clear why previous workarounds for 5 stopped working. However, we’ve made a substantial change to how it works and—touch wood—the problem shouldn’t recur ever again.


This issue is happening for me on Safari 5.1.9. The browser back button generates a form submission alert. Doesn’t happen on new versions of Safari… that I’ve tested at least