Embed timelime pasted code from settings config does not work on any of my sites


I have been using twitter timeline feeds on my sites successfully for a couple of years now. When the old API was retired I set out to install the new one. So far every attempt has failed.

Here’s the code I get by following your instructions for creating a widget:

Tweets by @realtimeband

When I paste this code in my site ( http://www.alexandersrealtimeband.com/home.html ) it does not display a timeline. The only thing I see is a link to my twitter profile. I get the same result on my other sites and using Coda for trouble shooting.

Bad timing too, because we are trying to promote our summer concert using twitter as we do every year. Please tell me what I’m missing here.

Thanks! -alan


Now that IS interesting. By pasting the code in the discussion window above it was CHANGED from what I originally copied! So I am not sure if that will help you help me. But if you view source on my web site you will see the code exactly as it copies from your widget config in the settings section of my profile.


is anyone moderating this feed? Its been a few days now.