Embed Theme and Color


I am using the embed feature to post individual tweets on my website. I would like to use the dark theme for all my tweets and am able to use the individual code for each tweet with (data-link-color="#cc0000" data-theme=“dark”). However when I use the meta tags, it does not convert them to the proper color/theme. I would like to use the meta tags for my website so I don’t have to put the data styling into each individual embed code. The documentation below is from https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-tweets.

"Theme and Color

By default, Tweets render links in the standard blue used by twitter.com. This can be overridden in two ways.

  1. On individual embedded Tweet codes, the data-link-color attribute sets link color (e.g. data-link-color="#cc0000". Embedded Tweets also support a TweetDeck-style design via the data-theme attribute.
  1. Adding attributes to many embedded Tweet codes is laborious, so the link color and theme for all embedded Tweet and Embedded Timeline widgets can be set globally using tags:



Same here. There seems to be some bug with the meta tag method in widgets.js (it went through a different call path than per-tweet attribute rendering). only the per-tweet attribute method works for me currently. Hopefully there would be a fix soon.


Hi guys, thanks for flagging this up. I’m looking into the global tags code and the moment and we’ll try to get a fix out ASAP.



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