Embed someones twitter on my site that allows scroll on iphone



I have made a website on wysiwyg that has some peoples twitter feed on, it works great on a desktop but when you look at the site on a iphone it will not show the scroll option.

I think i need a code that will allow this, Can someone help?



You can get the code to embed a user timeline from publish.twitter.com.


I have embedded a timeline on my website, works perfect on desktop.

The problem I have is when you load my website from a desktop the scroll option is not there on the embedded feed.


We’re not really able to help without a link to an example site. It could be that something in your site’s Javascript interferes with the scrolling functionality. Are there any errors in the Javascript console?


It looks like this is caused by the way iOS is handling the iFrame scrolling. There’s information in this blog post about adjustments you might need to make.