Embed Not Showing Up on Web Page


I have followed all the instructions to embed various feeds on a web page, but all I get is a link to a twitter page and nothing else.



I found it did that too for mine, but if you resize the HTML box to the size of the twitter feed it worked, But what found was that the tweeter feed doesnt work on the ipad or iphone,

Does anyone know how to get it to display on ipad and iPhone??



I am also having this problem. At first the twitter embed widget DID show up, but the containing div was too narrow for the minimum width of the widget. so even though it displayed, it was cut off on the right side because it was bigger than the column it was in.

I adjusted my website code to make the div wide enough to fully display the widget, but the widget disappeared completely. It’s been a few days and it hasn’t shown up.

I didn’t change any of the code except the class of the link to the related twitter profile (to make it match the other links in the menu.) This change didn’t affect the widget the first time.

any idea why it won’t show up?

(link: http://www.umrf.net)