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I am no developer but have enjoyed the use of widgets to embed live results of a # search. Will I be able to do this with widgets retired? If so, how? And remember–I am a user not a developer so I am hopign it will be easy!


From my reading of the post at:

and investigation this morning - I too am not a developer - it does not look like this will be possible. Twitter Publish does not accept a Twitter URL based on a hashtag search. Adapting user timeline codes to hashtag searches results in a link rather than embedding tweets on the page - as the post above suggests will happen.

Embedding a hashtag search is the simplest and most common use of embedding tweets that I have seen and I agree that we need a way for this to be simply achieved via Publish.


We use # searches a lot with the widget. WE need this to work with publish as well.


Hi @jeffmccauley, @wgk333 and @allezBrown, thank you for sharing your concerns here.

First to clarify, Search Timeline widgets will be deprecated on July 27, 2018. They will fall back to a simple link that points to the corresponding search results on twitter.com. And we don’t have any plans to support embedding hashtag Timeline widgets in publish.twitter.com.

However, we are continuing to support collection, profile, list and likes Timeline widgets. Would any of these embed options suit your use cases where you are using a Search Timeline? Once you have a collection (see Curate a Collection of Tweets using TweetDeck or API), profile, list (see How to use Twitter lists), or likes (associated with a certain Twitter account), you can grab the code snippet to embed them using publish.twitter.com.

If not, I would recommend that you consider using the RESTful Search API which is a bit more involved in terms of implementation. In other words, it’s not as simple as copying and pasting embed code from publish.twitter.com; but it gives you the most control over how Tweets are rendered.

We did not come to the deprecation decision lightly. As a matter of fact, over the past few years while we actively supported Search Timeline widgets, we observed low usage of Search Timeline widgets compared to other types of Timelines (collection, profile, list and likes), and rather high engineering cost given the net benefits they offer to developers and end users. By deprecating widget settings and Search Timeline widgets, we hope to focus better on improving existing embed options and investing new ones to keep up with your evolving use cases.

Hope this helps!


Hi @wizjo,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it is not helpful as it just restates the information in the blog post which I have already read and understood.

Being able to embed a hashtag search is an easy way to get a cross-section of opinion on a subject without having to labouriously curate your own list of accounts or tweets. I really don’t understand what is so difficult about generating this on Twitter Publish as opposed to a @user search.


So in short, will we not be able to create a search timeline using publish.twitter.com ? Our current search widget uses several hashtags and handles together using OR in the query. I tried entering that and I get an error. It seems like I can only add one hashtag or handle at a time. How would I go about recreating this widget in the new format?



Correct. We are withdrawing the ability to embed search timelines per this announcement, and we do not currently have a plan to directly replace or duplicate this same functionality.

Despite outward appearances and expectations, we can assure you that there are very strong technical reasons for doing this, and it is not possible to continue the existing setup. We do hear and respect your concerns about the pain this causes, but this is just not something that we are currently able to maintain.

As we’ve suggested above, possible alternatives are the use of Collection, Profile or List timelines, but none of these will provide an identical experience.

Closing out this thread as we have no plans to revert these plans at this time, and no direct alternative to point you all to, so while we hear the issues that some folks will face, our data shows that this is in an overall minority of cases, and we cannot offer anything further via these forums at this time.

Thanks for your continued interest, and efforts to work with the Twitter platform. We appreciate your support as we continue to modernise our infrastructure.

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