Embed hashtags from my account on to website


Is there a way I to display all my tweets by a certain hashtag? For example I want to show all my tweets with the hashtag #padres it would show only my tweets with the hashtag #padres.


Unfortunately no. Hashtags are part of the tweet that the author of the tweet wrote and you cannot modify it.


I’m not trying to modify the tweet, I just want to display the tweet they sent using a certain hashtag.


Create a new embedded search timeline widget. Set your search term to:
from:{username} #{hashtag}

Where username is the Twitter username you would like to search and hashtag is the term you would like to match in recent public Tweets by the specified person. Twitter’s search APIs return only recent Tweets, matching against the past ~7 days.

from:Interior #colorado


Is there a way to set it so it searches past than 7 days?


No, the maximum time restriction is from the backing search API.


Ok, thank you for your help!