Embed advanced search widget gives empty timeline


Hi I am trying to create a search widget by user with multiple hashtags but can’t get it to populate the timeline.

I have clicked the ‘check for tweets’ button, which does display a timeline with the relevant tweets. From this search results timeline, and as a last resort I have selected ‘advanced search’ from the left hand menu, entered my three hashtags into ‘these hashtags’ and user account into ‘from these accounts’, checked ‘include retweets’ and hit search. Then selected ‘embed this search’ from the results header at the top. So theoretically there shouldn’t be any errors in my search term as this has been generated directly from within twitter. But this still gives an empty timeline on the webpage.

The search query is #hashtag1 OR #hashtag2 OR #hashtag3 from:@user include:retweets

I have been successful with a different search query by the same user and a single 4th hashtag but only if the ‘only show top tweets’ is checked.

The successful search query is from:@user #hashtag4 but unfortunately because I have to check ‘top tweets’ the most recent tweets are not being included in the resulting timeline.

edit - we have just created a new tweet with one of the hashtags and this now comes up in the timeline but is the only tweet that displays. How far back does the widget search as it doesn’t seem to display older tweets?

Embed advanced search widget gives empty timeline

I don’t know for certain without digging into code, but I believe it will only be a week or so per the search API. How recent are the tweets including the hashtags you’re expecting to see in the widget?


Hi Andy. Thank you for that. That will be my dilemma then. I thought the search widget would show more tweets going back over the past 6-12 months as per the search results within twitter itself. I will make sure the client knows that they will have to be much more active on a regular basis with the agreed hashtags if they want to include specific search filtered timelines.

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