Embed a newsfeed which automatically retweets those I am following



I am an ICT teacher who has just got my school on board the twitter hype recently! We are wanting to embed a widget into our school’s website however have set up different accounts depending on different departments in our school. We have set up a central twitter account which follows the different departments however want to try and embed an automatic widget into our website just for our central twitter.

The problem we are having is that we want our central twitter account to automatically retweet all the department twitter tweets and this is the feed we would like to show as well as any tweets from the central account.

I have been doing some research and discovered twitter adder which looks like it is the correct tool however will this enable us to embed a widget into Wordpress which includes the automatic retweet??

Please help!

Kind regards
Guiseley School, England


You can easily have a widget showing tweets from multiple accounts.
Just create a list with all the accounts you want and then create a widget to display that list.
To create a widget, just go to https://twitter.com/settings/widgets (or on twitter.com click on the wheel, then click on Settings, then click on Widgets on the left)


That’s brilliant! Do I need to purchase the tweet adder software to do this first or can I do this all via the widget settings?


No need for any additional software. To create the list on twitter.com go to your profile page, click on Lists on the left, and create a a new list. Then go to the Widgets page as I explained above and create a new List widget.