Email permission


Kindly give me a solution for the issue.
With respect to the following mail.

Hello KamalSalman,

Email Requesting Permissions for Fabric Apps: Email requesting permission is only available for apps created via
To proceed please create a new key there, and then respond to this
email with this new app ID. We will then add Fabric permissions to it.

Currently there is no way to combine apps with those created via We appreciate your understanding.


Twitter Platform Operations

I’ve changed keys as.,
// Note: Your consumer key and secret should be obfuscated in your source code before shipping.
private static final String TWITTER_KEY = “P0xxxxxxxxxq7l”;
private static final String TWITTER_SECRET = “YBxxxxxxxxxHZ2XX”;
above keys were fetched via, also my app name also changed in output.

I am getting email as null instead right mail address.


Have you logged out, and logged back in to get the new permissions? Did your app prompt you that you would be providing access to email address to the app when you authenticated? Does the account you are using have a validated email address?


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Thank you andy for the response.

I did everything what you said in previous response, also my email address is a validated one. Although I am getting same output.

Kindly look at the output screens.


Hi andy…,

I got the output. And thank you so much.