Email permission issue in android 6


In my android application I have integrated twitter login. After successful login in twitter, I am not able to get the user email id. I am facing this problem only in android-6 but in android-5 I am able to get the user email id.
One thing I have notices is that twitter login screen is differ in android-5 and android-6. In android-5 I can able to see all the permission refer the attached image, but in android-6 I cannot see those permissions.

Please find attached twitter login screen in android-5 android-6.

Android 5 twitter login flow

Android 6 twitter login flow


In the Android 5 login flow you are seeing different screens because the Twitter for Android app isn’t installed and you are being redirected to the web login.

In the Android 6 login flow it looks like your version of Twitter for Android is out-of-date. Only Twitter for Android v6.32 and newer can grant permissions for all scopes of the Twitter API, including permission to request email addresses, and direct messaging. Older versions of Twitter for Android do not have the ability to grant these extended permissions.

Also we recently released Twitter Kit 3.0 which removes the requirement to show the “Share your email address” screen. See:


Thanks EricFrohnhoefer…