Email address is not icluded even after permission elvevation


I’m currently implementing login via twitter with the platform that I’m developing and as a part of doing that I have requested twitter to whitelist my app for requesting user emails.

For some reason when querying the following endpoint: I’m not receiving the the authenticating user’s email address.

Any idea why?



How are you querying that endpoint? What language are you using?

You should ensure that you’re setting true as a lower-case string value not a boolean; and that you’re not trying to do this from the API console from Apigee, since that’s not actually your app, it’s their app.


Hi Andy,

I’m using NodeJS with the Passport library.
I have verified that the request is sent with the correct parameters and to the correct endpoint.

Is it possible that I need to change some setting in my twitter app in-order for this to work?



I have verified and it does work for me. Are you sure that you refreshed your app/user credentials after being whitelisted?