Elevated search stream access



We are using the public filter stream to search on keywords because the streams allow us to access the data as soon as it is created. Because there 's a limit to this stream of 400 keywords and it 's not fit for complex queries, we can 't scale this to lots of customers. Therefore we decided to provide more advanced search functionality using DataSift for those clients that ask for more advanced querying. On the other hand, forcing our clients to pay extra fees for DataSift for very simple queries is not something we want to do. It doesn 't seem right and it increases the barrier to sign up for our service.

We 'd rather not use polling as it 's not the best fit for our application 's purpose. We really need to receive data as it becomes available. We can discuss this at length by email.

Where can I ask for elevated access to the filter public streaming, as we may need more than 400 keywords pretty soon?