Elevated POST access


Hello Twitter Team,

Our company offers a Twitter post scheduling software that is very popular in CIS countries (over 12000 users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, …). The application NovaPress (https://novapress.com/ , App ID 2928561) is very much like popular applications such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

We took extreme care to develop our application in accordance with with the automation rules as well as the development agreement and the general rules of Twitter.

We applied for a developer account (it was first step to elevate POST limits) and received a rejection after one hour. After that we contacted the support multiple times without getting any answers.

Our entire user base cannot use our application any more and now we are on the brink of losing it entirely.

Please help!

Here is how we using Twitter Platform: presentation
Here is how we comply with the Twitter Rules: presentation

Should we now submit an application with a second @handle (like in this topic ) or just apply for post limits on https://help.twitter.com/forms/platform without getting developer account? We do not need anything but elevated POST limits.

We sincerely hope that the situation can be resolved quickly and was just a mistake.

Thank you in advance


I will look into this, but it is extremely rare that we accidentally reject a developer application. If your application was rejected, there is no way for you to proceed with the elevation process.


Have you heard back from our team at all?


Thank you very much @LeBraat for help! We got developer account approval and applied for elevated POST access, now waiting for the response.