Elevated ("locRestricted") access to streaming API?


I am building an infrastructure that analyses tweets sent from a number of different hyperlocal locations. As the standard access only provides 25 bounding boxes per API token, this limits the number of sites we can monitor with one stream. (Other configurations are, of course possible, such as each site having their own API token, etc, but I am not sure if this is frowned upon by Twitter, as each of these streams have the same endpoint, etc). The volume of tweets is likely to be somewhat low, and my use-case does not require any keyword filtering or anything other than geolocation data (which itself has to be post-filtered, obviously, given the streaming API “places” matching rules).

What is the best way of going about this, for my use case? Elevated access for one account? Multiple accounts originating from the same place? I appreciate any feedback you can provide.



Hello? Anyone home? Is there a better way of getting an answer for this?