Elevated access pending please help


We have applied for elevated API access so that we can offer PUBLISHING features back again to our existing customers. We have thousands of paying customers and currently due to the lower default limit of the tweet API our customers are unable to post to Twitter.

This is severely affecting our business as well as customers.

App ID: 16100827

Product: http://crowdfireapp.com (you can check our app has only Publishing and Customer Support)

Can you please help us out?


The default tweet limit of 300 posts per 3 hours is way too low for an app our size. If you can look into this and elevate our tweet posting access as soon as possible then it will save the trouble our customers are currently experiencing.

Looking up to you to help since support is not replying to any requests since last Saturday :pray:t2:


Eagerly awaiting your reply. Our publish posts of customers are failing due to this. We are a 9 year old Twitter application and we had been given Elevated access in September 2018. But a week back our application was abruptly suspended without warnings. On enquiring we were told that the follow/unfollow features should not exist.

We removed all the follow/unfollow features and have created a brand new app. However, since we have thousands of customers using Crowdfire, we’ve already hit the publish tweet limits.

Please provide us with elevated access to Publish tweets as we have tons of customers relying on us to publish their posts to Twitter.

Happy to answer any questions you have. Support team isn’t replying to any of our tickets, it’s been over a week now and we’re stranded along with all our customers which are small medium businesses majorly.


Hi, can you please help us get elevated access? We have thousands of small medium business owners who use our product for scheduling and they’re stranded due to the post limits on our app.

We only do Publishing and Customer support features on our product currently and we need access for just that. We’ve been on the Twitter platform for over 9 years diligently building for Twitter audience. Please help us out.


You will need to work with the API Policy team via help.twitter.com/forms/platform. We are unable to assist or expedite via these forums.

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