Elevated access in review for 3 months


Hello Twitter developer support team,

As soon as the Twitter POST API limits were announced, we communicated our need for elevated access to the support staff. That was in August. Since then, we have been in the process of getting elevated access which has resulted in:

  1. Every day, hundreds of our customers’ Tweets not being published
  2. Limiting the use of hashtags for our users as per your request
  3. One of our apps being mistakenly banned

The last email from your team on this matter was on November 8th and since then there has been no updates or replies. I am not sure if the urgency of the matter is understood well at this point. We are failing at delivering service to our paying customers for the past 34 days due to this. Our team would appreciate more diligence and attention to this case.

Please let me know what has been holding our application back.

Thank you


Hello @sahand. I can try to check and see what’s going on. What’s your app ID or username associated with the app?



App ID: 6752063
Twitter handle: @_sahand

Much appreciated!


I have added a permission to your account so you can apply via the proper elevation pathway.

Please select I would like to apply for elevated POST limits and fill out this form:

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