Efficiently refreshing a media_id



Is there anyway to refresh a media_id without re-uploading the attached media?

If I am uploading videos using media/upload, my media could be 512MB videos. It’s a bit unwieldy to have to re-upload these videos after their media_id has expired.


The media_id is effectively a single use, so no, you’ll have to re-upload and re-add to a Tweet status. You can’t update an existing ID, nor can you reuse it with multiple Tweets.


Ah, that’s too bad. It really is a pain for large videos to have to re-upload them daily.

Have any ideas for how I could effectively avoid uploading large videos daily that I wanted to send out?


If they are the same video, why not have one Tweet that you quote Tweet?


I guess I prefer to have clean, fresh tweets. Maybe others don’t have this problem as frequently, but I realize large videos like this are relatively new. It’s a large pain point for me using the API.

I don’t mind the initial upload, but refreshing the ID to use again is a pain.