Editing AdMob ad network does nothing



I’m trying to integrate my AdMob account with MoPub. I’ve added the network to my networks but when I click “Edit Network” the button disappears, but the page doesn’t change and I’m unable to setup things like my publisher id.

Additionally, clicking, “Update your network settings” over the highlighted revenue reporting disabled does nothing as well.


Hi folks. It looks like Chrome can’t correctly render the page… Switching to firefox correctly brought up the edit network details. Any clues why though?


Hello billygryan,

Are you using AdBlock? If so, please pause AdBlock when using the MoPub UI or set an exception. AdBlock breaks many elements of our UI and may cause issues such as the one you are seeing.

Let me know if this was your issue.

If you are not using AdBlock, could you let me know what extensions you are using? Could you try to use MoPub in a browser without extensions? This way I can troubleshoot further.



Turned off ad block and it works! So simple of a solution did not occur to me AdBlock would do that.