Edit profile button



my ‘edit profile’ button has disappeard and i don’t get it because when i first joined it used to be there?
now i only have ‘edit’ on my header yet i have to hover over my header so i can see it
and i don’t like it
is there any way to get the edit profile button back near the ‘messages’ because…
&i’m talking about this

??? thank you


so am i the only one? sorry i just need an answer…i know it’s ridiculous but o well


Things move around in the user interface on twitter.com. What you’re seeing is the new interface to make these edits. You can edit still the “old way” using https://twitter.com/settings/profile


thanks a lot for the reply but,
thats not the old way i was talking about? i just dont understand why is it different from my other account , like in this one i dont have that edit profile button but from my other acc i do?
so im guessing theres probably a way to get the old way one but then if theres no way to then fine i just wanna know why isnt it the same interface for everyone because…

thank you again




um please?
’‘Now edit your photos and bio right from your profile.’'
why dont i have this anymore can i know what went wrong , its so tacky to not have this simple way?
sorry for the ups but o well,