EasyBlog and TwitterCards Large Image Summary - TIPS -


Just writing a summary of a few things I had to go through to make easyblog and TwitterCards “Agree”…

After some fiddling with my “Blog image” in “EasyBlog” (Joomla version in my case) I discovered that it is essential to have the proportion of the image set correctly-

You can find the settings for the Thumbnail image (which is normally what twitter pulls from an EasyBlog Article) in the jommla COmponents->Easyblog->Settings->Media

I had my Blog image at 1000x320px and this, with the default “easyblog” settings for “thumbnail image size” (which is at 400px width and 400px height) would cause “TwitterCards” (checked with “FIDDLER” in Firefox) to pull an image of size 400x120 px which is under the acceptable size for Twitter large image cards (min. width 280px min. height 150px ).

In my case setting the image thumbnail size in the settings above-mentioned to 500px x 500px did the trick. (check your image proportions with “image size” from any image editor…)

To be able to go around the caching issue (up to a week) with twitter cards you can add a parameter as follows in the twitter.php file found in a joomla installation under /components/com_easyblog/helpers/
$doc->addCustomTag( '<meta property="twitter:image:src" content="' . $image . '?123456" />');

The parameter added in the above line of code is ?123456
This will allow for you to test the card in the Cards Validator and see “Fresh” results

For any info just pop me a message as I tweaked this settings for a bit of time now :smiley:


This is an awesome write-up - thanks for sharing!