Easy way of get users' twitterID and email?


I want to put a plug in on my website for “login with twitter”, and my website needs to get user’s twitterID and email after user allows my twitter application to access their data. I looked through the twitter dev documents, but it seems always all about OAuth with complicated examples. Is there an easy way to do this? I already put the same kind of plugin for facebook, and it is very simple. Thanks!


verify_credentials will return the users’s twitter id and screen name among other things. The Twitter API does not return a user’s email address


How to get the email address of twitter user with twitter api.Can anyone help me i want to use this in website.


If you want to get a user’s email, you should just ask for it. The Twitter API does not return email addresses.


I did n’t understand what means ’ you just ask for it '.Could you please explain me


carol, Can I know how you get the facebook user’s email address using facebook api.I didn’t get my facebook email address itself.Please,provide me the solution to get user’s email addresses.


Within your application you would ask the user for their email address and provide an input field for it. You can’t obtain it from the Twitter API – you have to directly ask the user to provide it to you.


This is not the correct place to ask for support for the Facebook API.


Kurrik, so if Twitter does not return the email address…

can you put an interface and ask the users to input their email address and use this entry to automatically populate the username or email address field of twitter API?


This is something the application should do using its own user interface.


hmm ok


i want email id after login to my api , so is it possible to get it?


As has been said in this thread – no, it’s not possible to get it. You’ll have to ask a user for it yourself.


I want to access the tweets by using Email Address of the People.
Anybody help me??


Is there a way to get a user ID if you have their username using php? I don’t need anything except the ID of the user, and will only have the username (screen name). Can I do this without using the API or having to authenticate the user?


You’ll need to use an API to resolve a screen name to a user_id. [node:63] is the best source for that data.


this is confusing because a lot of developers see third party oauth techniques as a way to conveniently enable users to skip having to manually provide details such as email addresses, which is why most other third-party oauth providers (e.g. facebook, google) add an extra step where the user can grant permission for the application to access basic account information.


completely agree


hahaha…@kurrik tnx for making me laugh… this is twitter blog not fb… hahahahaha