Easier Maven integration


https://github.com/mopub/mopub-android-sdk/wiki/Getting-Started#maven-integration describes how to install a custom repository to be able to use MoPub with Maven.

It would be more useful if you upload the MoPub library to the standard Maven repository. For the record, two 3rd parties already pushed their version of your library there, see:



I see there is https://bintray.com/mopub having for now a single repository called mopub-volley. I assume this is managed by MoPub, even though the email address displayed is "natnit@gmail.com". Could you please confirm?

Do you have plans to add a repository for mopub-sdk?


Hey Aderalxnu,

natnit@gmail.com is one of our engineers.

I’ll escalate your request for a standard Maven repository.



Hey Aderalxnu,

I just spoke to the team. This is something they are working on. There will be a release of a standard Maven repository, but we do not have an exact ETA. We will communicate when it’s ready.