E.data.source_tweet_id no longer returns Correct Retweet ID


In the past I would use the following to capture which retweet button was pressed in the event that their were more than one on a given page.

 twttr.events.bind('retweet', function (e) {

e.data.source_tweet_id used to return the ID of a retweet, found at the end of a tweet link.
IE: https://twitter.com/FortuneMagazine/status/558089263523561472 is the TWEET
source_tweet_id would equal 558089263523561472 when retweeted.
Now it is some new random number when retweeted.

How can I capture which Retweet button was pressed now?


I worked around this by capturing the hyperlink in the I am using to initiate the retweet.
So I capture the URL, extract the ID, store it in a global variable, and then when the twttr.events.bind event fires I grab the global variable. The only time this method would not work is if they click both Retweet buttons, opening 2 windows, and then click on the 1st one. In this scenario the 2nd one would be recorded as retweeted instead of the first.

This is still a change on Twitters end that makes absolutely no sense. e.data.source_tweet_id now returns a meaningless ID?!


Hi! Apologies for this bug. We had a misconfiguration and were loading the wrong Tweet. This should now be resolved as of earlier in the week. Please let us know if you have any further trouble.



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