Dynamically Embedding Multiple Twitter Timelines Using The v1.1 API


I know this issue has been raised in the past but there didn’t seem to be any solutions given.

I designed a website for a PR company with dozens of clients, each of whom has a profile page which includes (or rather included) a live stream of their Twitter account, this was dynamically generated by the site for each client using the original API and it worked very well. The customer has just realised that none of the Twitter feeds are working because the API has now been deprecated.

Has any solution been reached for this problem, or does the client now have to create an individual widget for every new client who comes on their books? I know I’m not the only one who faces this problem? I would like to just be able to dynamically generate the feed using the client’s Twitter ID which is stored with their personal details on the site database.


For widgets that are based on specific user accounts (as well as lists and custom timelines) you can programmatically generate embedded timelines using a single widget ID (meaning you still have to go through the configurator and create “the first” profile widget).

See the “Customization Options” section of [node:10248].