Dynamically alter search terms in the new embedded timeline


Hi, when i used old twitter widget i can dynamically alter search terms. Example:

new TWTR.Widget({
        version     : 2,
        type        : 'search',
        id          : 'id',
        search : 'query string', 
        interval    : 6000,
        title       : 'title',
        subject     : 'subject',
        width       : 'auto',
        height      : 300,
        theme       : {
            shell: {
                background  : '#ffffff',
                color       : '#333333'
            tweets: {
                background  : '#ffffff',
                color       : '#444444',
                links       : '#237791'
        features: {
            scrollbar   : true,
            loop        : false,
            live        : true,
            hashtags    : true,
            timestamp   : true,
            avatars     : true,
            toptweets   : true,
            behavior    : 'all'

Now i use new timeline widget and i can’t do this. We need this functionality because some our sites that use this functionality don’t work correctly. Do you plan to add this possibilities in new timeline widget? And if you plan to do this when i can use this features.


There are currently no plans to make the Embedded Timeline search widgets capable of changing search queries dynamically.


Previous version of APIV1.0, i am using $GET[$q] to get the query from the user…
now i didn’t know how to get the query on run time from the user…
right now i used to hard code the query…
can u plz help me out!!!