Dynamic HashTag widget


In the past, I could use a widget and send a dynamic hashtag through that would return the tweets for said hashtag.

I have a dynamic portal for each city in Iowa and there are over 1000 cities in a custom website.

Now, it looks like you must create a widget for every hashtag ??

I tried creating the widget and then sending through another hashtag, but it diverts back to the original hashtag from when the widgets was created.

Is there any widget to pass through a hashtag without creating a widget for each one?



I’m having a similar issue. I am working for a TV listings site and we display the Search widget for the hashtag of each individual TV show.

Previously we had the widget dynamically pulling in tweets using the TV show’s hashtag as a parameter. When I the new widget the tweets that are pulled in are all for the hashtag that I used when setting up the widget.

Is there a way to replicate the previous solution with the new Twitter API?



Not directly using the widgets – you’d have to build your own rendering engine and collect tweets server-side instead.


Are there any good examples using this server-side method?


Hi guys
I see this an old post but I have the exact same issue. This was a very useful function of the old system and I cannot believe it is no longer available. Is there any reason why this is no longer possible or any plan to re introduce it in the future.

Just a simple generic widget that will accept the hashtag as a variable I would have though this would have been the most common / powerful implementation of the widget on the web.