Duplicated status (with image) via API



Hi there, we have a client that posts frequently on twitter and we are seeing an annoying issue where occasionally tweets will be double posted from one request. While the issue is intermittent and rare, it has been a problem for quite some time now and is rather annoying for our client.

Here is one such example status:

We have checks in our code to prevent double-posting, and additionally Twitter would not normally allow an identical status to be posted at almost the same time due to flood protection if I’m not mistaken (at least this is the case if we try to force duplicating a status- we get Status us a duplicate responses?

This is our request (for status with image as is the example) - client posts almost exclusively with images:

POST https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/update_with_media.json
“status”: “Status Text”,
“media[]”: “@IMAGE_PATH;type=image/jpeg;filename=IMAGE_PATH”

IMAGE_PATH is obviously the path to the provided image on our CDN.

Kind Regards,