Duplicate Tweets


How long will a tweet be considered to be a duplicate? Originally, it appears it was for a 24 hour period. Has that time changed? Lengthened?


We don’t publish the exact conditions for duplicate status detection and they’re subject to change over time. They aren’t necessarily time-based but tweet-based instead, whereas no duplicates may exist in X amount of Tweets.


Well that’s just saved me a little job of writing something to prevent just that happening, good work twitter people…


We have just moved to V1.1 for the API.
We are using POST statuses/update API to update the status - https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/update.json?status=“ABC” is the URL
While running our tests we found that, even though the status get updated correctly on twitter (manually verified that by going to the UI) , the API still returns me an error - Status is a duplicate (403 - Forbidden)
Is there a bug in the API or something wrong in the way, I am using it.


Hi Saurabh,

I’m unable to reproduce at the moment with duplicative tweets. There are times when the system is under duress and the duplicate prevention may fail, but this should happen seldom. Is this a consistent issue for you?


Hi Taylor,

Digging up an old thread here. Our team has a user who is encountering the same issue described by Saurabh where a tweet fails through the API as it is a duplicate but they are able to post it on Twitter natively. We are asking them to try varying content but do you have any further insight as to where this difference may be coming from?



I’ve had a similar experience with clients @newinstone. I think somewhere in that duplication algorithm the method of publishing (API v Native) is a consideration. I think the best thing is to encourage varying content as that’s more interesting to followers, but I appreciate there are a lot of hours in a day and it’s probably reasonable to want to send the same thing twice in 24 hours if you could.


What is current rules to consider as duplicate tweet?