Duplicate tweets on twitter widget when tabbing and widget updates



Scenario: 1. A user switches to a different tab in the browser. 2. The timeline widget receives updates with multiple new tweets. 3. When the user re-activates the tab, the embedded timelines get flooded with duplicate tweets.

Tweets Repeat Over and Over in Embedded Timeline

I’m having the same issue. Happens in IE and Chrome.


me too, same issue, very annoying.


when I refresh the page the embedded list seems to ‘reset’ and the duplicate tweets disappear, but the issue always reoccurs


Refresh works here also, but shouldn’t have to do that. Now it’s also bouncing or flickering, or scroll bar jumping up and down.


We’ve identified the issue and a fix will go out with our next deploy. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Thanks Jake! That’s great. Do you know the aprox date when the next deploy will happen?


Aiming for September 8th (the next business day in the U.S.).


That’s quick. Thanks again!


A fix for the duplication issue has been deployed.