Duplicate rows with device="Unknown" in campaign stats


Using the “stats / accounts / :account_id / campaigns” endpoint and segmenting by device with daily granularity, I’m seeing multiple results for the same account ID, campaign ID and date with an “Unknown” device. I can provide example results privately if necessary.

How should we handle these duplicate rows? Do these rows represent multiple distinct unknown devices, so we can safely combine the data for a single “unknown” category?


@bmorrismz I’m not sure I’ve seen this before. Can you provide the full request and response?


Is there a way to send a confidential reply?


@bmorrismz For now, you can put it in a Private Gist and DM it to @adsapi on Twitter.

Note to others: We will not be reviewing inquiries via DM that have not been solicited on the forum first. We’re working on a way to better share sensitive info.


Tried to do so, but: “This user doesn’t follow you. You can only send messages to people who do.”


Any other method I can use for now? Is there an e-mail address I can use?


@bmorrismz sorry about that - try it again now.


Now I get an error: “Your message could not be sent.”


oi. ok, I just followed you. You can DM me directly.


@bmorrismz Got it. We’re going to need to look into this further - I’ll follow up on this thread with more info.