Duplicate embedded Tweets



Hi! It looks like embedding multiple Tweets straight via the default embed code creates duplicates. You can witness this happening at a quick demo site we put together: http://demo.flockler.com/tweet.html

I suspect it has something to do with asynchronity in widgets.js, since it actually every now and then works correctly, and does not render duplicates. But most of the time it doesn’t work.


Yes, must be this issue. We have the same on http://www.bz-berlin.de/ with embedded tweets in our asynchronously loaded live ticker.


Same thing on my website, the embeded Tweets is du plicate twice.


Same issue on our news website meduza.io

Help, twitter help.


Same issue, If you remove the “async” in the script tag it works but I can’t change it in all my embedded Tweets…
The issue seems to appear when several “widgets.js” are loaded because if you leave only one script tag with the widgets.js it works properly


Same issue,

API request statuses/oembed return an html with a call to widgets.js for each tweet. But now this script apply the transformation for each call.


Maybe right, because I have Tweet button also and it duplicate too.


We’re also observing the same issue across our sites, for example: http://snappa.press.net/#!/assets/591b2783-f175-3958-bfaa-67df88994be4


I should add that this depends on the twitter servers we get from the DNS.

I see this issue with
twitter.com. 16 IN A
twitter.com. 16 IN A

But no issue with
twitter.com. 12 IN A
twitter.com. 12 IN A


Same here !


same probleme


More pages that are affected


We have same issue here also : http://www.lalibre.be/actu/international/gigantesque-explosion-dans-le-nord-de-la-chine-le-bilan-monte-a-44-morts-photos-et-videos-55cb8f3a35708aa4377f782f

We are going to fix it temporaly with removing “async”.

Thanks for fixing the issue asap.


Same issue on e.g. http://gawker.com/tinder-to-vanity-fair-fuck-you-north-koreans-love-us-1723547611 (but we’re adding a workaround for now so link won’t show the issue shortly).

Old behavior we had relied on was:

  1. widgets.js automatically loads the widgets
  2. manual call to twitter.widgets.load() only adds widgets for any Tweet embeds that weren’t already added or in the process of loading at the time of the call

New behavior is:

  1. widgets.js automatically loads the widgets
  2. manual call to twitter.widgets.load() triggers addition of duplicate Tweet embeds


Same over here: http://mobile2.tagesanzeiger.ch/articles/55cc40cf87da8bad38000001


Thanks for all the reports of this. We are aware of this and we are investigating.


Things should now be returning to normal if you clear cache / refresh on affected sites. Apologies for this issue occurring.