Drupal 6 multisite not posting user tweets. We need help, can pay $


We have a Drupal 6 mulitsite where any registered user can post content on any of aobut 100 domains. We simply want users to enter their username and pass one time and regardless of which site they are on, their post is sent to their personal twitter accounts. Our developer is good with API’s and we have many successful connections with other applications, but in the name of time, we need a Twitter guru to step in and help us.


Do you have a shared users table for all the sites? This is accomplished in the settings.php files. That would accomplish the single login side of your problem. Are you using a contributed twitter module or some other PHP Twitter API integration? Just make sure that the module is shared between all sites and it should be able to pull your user info from any site. At first, it sounds like your problem is multi-site login, then it sounds like it’s Twitter API interaction. Do you have the users authorize the twitter application? Is the problem about where to send the user back after they authorize since it could be coming from any number of domains?


The users table is shared among all sites. We have the contributed twitter module, 3.0 beta6. We have a multisite and it is in sites/all/modules.

We get the drupal message that the twitter message was posted, but we don’t see it. Once that works, getting the redirection working will be the other issue.


Thank you for responding, I was away the last two weeks and this is still an open issue for us. I setup a new Twitter user and a corresponding Drupal user. I went into the Drupal User Profile - Edit - Twitter Accounts and hit Add Account.

I log him into Twitter and hit Authorize. Twitter comes back with a page https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize that says: “You’ve granted access to Small Fry Media. Next, return to Small Fry Media and enter this PIN ####### to complete the authorization process.” I have no idea what to do with this?

The issue I see is that we have users that login to any of 100 top level domains with one Drupal user and pass (which will mostly not be their Twitter user and pass using OAuth) and the Twitter Application calls back to the central site which is never actually logged into by the users. I have to assume Twitter is authorizing the application on the specific site?