Drastic changes in cost metric



We’ve noticed extreme changes in the stats of one of our accounts in the last couple of days; The campaigns under the account 18ce53wcgs1 have now about 3x times less cost for the date 10/02/2017 then a day ago.

We are aware that the billed_charge_local_micro is not stable in the first 72 hours but wanted to make sure that this is the reason since the change was more acute than we’ve seen before.

Can you please have a look?

Example query performed:



Generally that drastic of a drop is not normal, but when I briefly checked the ratio between engagements and spend day over day I do not see any unusual gaps. For campaigns using CPI charging the billing could change drastically based upon conversion attribution changing (with tracking partners providing up to date information about attribution). I would recommend to keep an eye on it and if it continues to be a worry, file a ticket from ads.twitter.com which would be triaged by the team supporting campaign performance etc.