Drag&drop issue with twitter widgets



I work on a portal solution and one fonctionnality of this one is to be able to drag&drop components.

For a demo component, I wanted to create a component that embed the twitter widget API. So the final user just have to feel his widget ID for add new twitter component to his portal.

The issue:
The twitter script generate an iframe, no problem with that. The iframe generated doesn’t have src attribut (don’t know why), and in HTML all the drag&drop solution that exist actually (HTML5, jquery ui, yahoo ui, …) reload the iframes that are drag&droped in a page. When the twitter widget is drag & droped it display a blank iframe because his iframe is reloaded and this one doesn’t have src.

I don’t see other solution than reload completly my component after this one was droped but it’s a greedy solution. Because it’s will impact all my portal behavior just for handle iframes that doesn’t have src attributs (and I see only the twitter widget for now).

If anybody have faced the same issue or have a feedback on a possibly better solution than mine is welcome.



I currently have this issue as well and I am not able to find a solution to this. Once the containing div is move the iframe head and body elements are blank: