Downloading images from Twitter statuses



Hey all!

I want to ask two questions about downloading image media from tweets (photo media only, not other kinds).

I’m calling the statuses/get_user_timeline endpoint once per minute on different usernames to get photo media posts from specific usernames. I wanted to ask if apps should implement delays when downloading large numbers of images from a set of statuses, or should maintain limits on how many images to download in a given timeframe (for example, if I were to find 50 new statuses with 100 photos in the space of a few minutes, should I be downloading those images in some form of delayed fashion?)

My second question relates to downloading images from tweets that were not retrieved by calling the Twitter API. If I periodically get Twitter status IDs from an external source (or find them manually myself) and use the statuses/show/id endpoint to download images associated with those tweets, is this behaviour prohibited/frowned upon, or is it OK providing the API rate limits are not exceeded?

(Edited to simplify the above questions and clarify the second part, sorry for bumping the post again.)