Download Direct Message Media Rate Limit


I am currently able to download Direct Message images view the twitter4j library using an authenticated users auth tokens. The problem that i am seeing is that the rate limit for this direct message media resource is not on a per user basis but on per application. I am seeing that my application gets 50 direct message image downloads every 15 minutes. This is a problem for me because in some cases i need to download more than 50+ images across multiple authorized users within 15 minutes. In addition, I can’t find any documentation on the direct message media resource rate limit anywhere online; not even the resource name that i would need to query “application/rate_limit_status” with to get the current used limit. At least having access to this resources “application/rate_limit_status” would allow me to somewhat handle the throttling limitation.

What are the future plans for this resource? Will the rate limit continue to be on a per application basis? Are you intending to add documentation for this resource and add support for it with “application/rate_limit_status”?

Any information would be much appreciated.