Don't open new window when switching accounts from sign-in pop-up


hi there -

here’s the scenario:

  1. sign into a 3rd party site using twitter
  2. 3rd party site launches twitter sign-in dialog in a new window
  3. user completes sign-in
  4. twitter redirects back to 3rd party site, pop-window is closed

currently, if you try to switch twitter accounts while viewing twitter’s sign-in page / dialog, you have to click your avatar then “sign out”. the “sign out” link launches yet another window. this breaks the flow as you now have two twitter windows - one w/ the original sign-in (typically as a pop-up) and the other with your new sign-in prompt.

so a website which tries to automatically close the original pop-up when the user successfully signs-in can no longer do so.


We experience this too. Would love to see it resolved - or acknowledged that it’s working as intended.


We have the same issue here. Not sure where can we file the bug against it.