Don't go to Twitter on clicking text


We would like to, given a list of tweets, if a user clicks on one of them, then other “related” tweets are shown.

“Related” in our app has a substantially different meaning than in Twitter. For example, clicking a tweet of a given football player, would redirect to a list of tweets of other football players of his same team.

We’ve checked the display requirements, and we understand that we will have to keep all “visual” links (hashtags, urls, author avatar and name, timestamp, actions…).

But at least, when clicking on a not-linked-text, we would like to keep the user on our app and follow a behavior as I described. By default, in an embedded tweet, clicking anywhere outside a “visual” link just redirects to tweet’s permalink.

Would it break the display requirements? We’re mostly concerned about this statement, which is not clear enough to us: “On touch devices, the white space around the Tweet text and Tweet author must link to the Tweet’s permalink.”



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