Don't change account to sensitive if the tweet is already marked sensitive



I have a twitter account where i rarely post sensitive media on it.

But sometimes, when i think it’s sensitive, i upload the media with the “possibly_sensitive=true” parameter and it’s marked as it is, all good right ?

But then, users who browse the app without safe mode (not hiding sensitive medias by default) report the tweet as sensitive (and it’s already marked as sensitive), and the account parameters are changed to sensitive by default, not good.

Is it possible before making these changes to check that the tweet is not already marked as sensitive, if it is not marked then change the account settings, but if it is already marked as sensitive, do nothing ?

It happens to me 4/5 times a month, and it’s slightly frustrating because I’m careful, but my account still goes sensitive and all my normal media are falsely marked sensitive.

Thanks !

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