"Done" button not dismissing Ads modal anymore



Steps to reproduce:

  • Mopub SDK iOS 4.9
  • A MPAdview with the delegate properly set
  • Tap on a banner ad
  • An ad modal opens for that banner (an Amazon ad, I believe it’s a MRAID)
  • Tap on the Done button at the bottom right of the MPAdBrowserController

Expected results:

  • The modal view dismisses

Actual results:

  • The modal view isn’t dismissed

This is critical because the users then need to kill the app to be able to go back in the app.



Do you have an update on that? It’s a major bug because users end up stuck in the advertisement.

  • Thanks


Hi @bvrlt,

Thanks for reaching out! This isn’t expected behavior and we haven’t been able to replicate the issue on our end. We’d recommend reviewing the integration in the MoPub Sample App (available for download on our GitHub page) to see how it might differ from your own implementation.

If you are able to replicate the issue in our sample app or have additional follow up questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team directly with a summary of your question and they would be glad to help you. The Support Team can be reached at support@mopub.com.



Thanks for your help. The issue was that when the ad was hidden, we were nillifying the delegate to avoid “phantom” requests, and this was causing the problem.