'Done' button doesn't close ad, leaderboard doesn't appear



I’m just dipping my toe into mobile ads, so sorry if these are nooby questions!

Two problems:

  1. I have set up a banner for iPhone, leaderboard for iPad - the banner appears(i.e. I’m seeing “Welcome to mopub!”), but the leaderboard doesn’t.
  2. When clicking to test the ad, the mopub page appears, with a ‘Done’ button in the corner. I assume this should close the ad, but tapping the ‘Done’ button does nothing.


hello @craiggrummitt, sounds like you are still seeing the demo ad and you have no other demand resources targeted. If you email support@mopub.com, one of our team members should be able to review your account and help you go live!


Thanks I actually gave up on using mopub, at least for the moment for timing and complexity issues. I think mopub needs a clear step by step tutorial for newbies. I’ve gone with iad for the initial version of my app and potentially in future versions switch to mopub.

Thanks for getting back to me.


Hi @craiggrummitt,

Thanks for letting us know! I’m sorry you were unable to get MoPub up and running. Please reach back out to us at support@mopub.com when you are ready to use MoPub in a later version of your app. We will be happy to assist you.