Domain Whitelisting



Is there still a long wait for domain whitelisting? I don’t want to be a position of waiting for weeks as I need to start pushing out content via cards asap.

The card validator testing did not display any errors.

Domain -



I don’t see any cards markup on your page. What kind of card are you applying for? There should not be a “long wait” but some cards can take longer than others to approve due to the need to do cross-platform validation (e.g. player cards).


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reply. I had to resubmit the request again as it had a banner in it.

One question - do cards support collapsible descriptions?
Example - I want to condense the descriptive text using either an collapsible accordion panel or a button.



No, the descriptions are not collapsible.


Thanks Andy.

I’ll try to streamline it another way.