*.domain.com approved but cards not showing up


The card validator says my domain is approved: "*.lmal.tv approved"
It works for some urls: Tweeting this one http://lmal.tv/ccilyon gives me a card in the tweet: https://twitter.com/corsaaaire/status/346276770061881344
But this other page: http://lmal.tv/monpremierchannel gives me a simple tweet: https://twitter.com/corsaaaire/status/346282121167527936
However, if I put this last url in the card validator, it gives me a green light.

What should I do?


Sorry, I did erase the not-working page in the meantime.

This is an example of page which does not work:
The resulting tweet does not show any card:

However, the Card validator says green light + “*.lmal.tv approved”

What should I do?


Hi Lionel,

I just tried tweeting a link with that page on a test account and it showed the Card properly. Hopefully you were just seeing a caching issue.