Doing more with 140 characters with DM Deep link



I am working on “Doing more with 140 characters”. Was going through the documentation and had a small question about Prefix portion(@mention) suffix portion(URL).
According to - it’s not very clear on how this is changing.

I have some questions regarding DM Deep link in tweets. According to Documentation DM deep link should be added via the attachment_url parameter, and any other links inside the text of the Tweet will be included in the 140 chars. Which API is suitable for adding attachment_url for deep links.

When used attachment_url parameter and extended_tweet in statuses/update API shows below error:

{ errors: [ { code: 44, message: 'attachment_url parameter is invalid.' } ] }

Has twitter populated prefix(@mention) portion excluding 140 characters. @username is still counting in 140 characters itself. Please help me in this.

Doing more with 140 characters with DM deep link
Using DM deep link doing more with 140 characters
Doing more with 140 characters with DM Deep link

According to this post, this parameter should work fine.


For adding URL(DM deep link) is there any parameter working with 140 characters.Which API is suitable for adding DM deep link working along with 140 character.

Is this feature there, in changes made by the twitter


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