Doesnt anyone at Twitter used IE8 for QA?


Doesnt anyone at Twitter used IE8 for QA?

Today is Day 26 of the recently introduced “reply” scripting issue for IE8. Basically Twitter is unusable in IE8 in that as soon as you go to reply to a post a scripting error occurs about 10-20 letters into the reply and locks up the browser.

This issue started 26 days ago and still isn’t fixed.

Surely some hipster at Twitter in the QA sddepartment is stasked with checking against other browsers apart from Firefox or Chrom?

How can a major company like Twitter for 26 days without fixing a problem like this even though you have had at least 2 code updates since this date.


Totally agree, this is inexcusable. That part was fixed for me awhile back, but now doing same again. Also script running happens when trying to tweet on a person’s personal timeline. No DM capability without script running. All I got from Twitter was use another browser; no thanks, I don’t want to use Firefox and IE9 messes up my computer.


yeh…10 weeks and still no twitter developers have worked out that twitter in IE8 is broken.

Congratulations you hipsters…you make your mothers proud. lol exactly what is your valuation again?


Twitter has not worked since I also got IE8 on my computer. Same lame response…use Firefox. This is an unacceptable answer seeing as though I use my work pc and am not allowed to change or add browsers. It’s unbelievable and unimaginable that Twitter finds it ok to just tell people to use something other than what is the common standard for internet browsers. I loved Twitter and was addicted to its benefits. Now I am disillusioned and dismayed that a major site finds it ok to not fix their problem but making their customers adapt.


yep its now 78 days since twitter was broken on ie8

the irony though is twitter are forcing other app providers to scale back and stop developing twitter clients…when their own is broken is laughable.


Is there ‘any’ sign that Twitter is either taking this issue seriously or looking at resolving?

Other than via, I can no longer use Twitter. Script errors now occur in every instance of reply, tweet, DM etc etc. IE8 is not my choice, but I am locked down by IT Admin. Mobile use is not possible from the company Blackberry, so I have no alternative. Web Twitter is my only option.

I have tried every other web client out there, none (other than Dabr) support IE8, despite it being the IT admin choice with Windows servers.

Come on guys, sort it out - please!


will i finally upgraded to Windows 7 and IE9 so i’m unsubscribing from this post but serious Twitter are a joke that no one in their QA test in IE.

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